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  "Click here for a larger picture"   The general idea of a rockery is that it should look like a natural outcrop of rock.
It is best to include some stones as big as you can manage with a mixture of blocky, flat and odd shapes in various sizes to make the best feature.

Purbeck rockery is ideal for this, as most of the larger stones have been weathered in the ground by water passing around them for millions of years. This weathering gives the stone a sandy brown colour, and where the stone has been split white, cream and grey shading can also been seen.

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  To give an idea of mass, a 600mm (24") cube will weigh approximatley 500kg. Most customers don't go over 100kg unless they have mechanical means of lifting. The most popular and handable size is 16kg - 40kg. This size can be supplied in a 1 tonne bulk bag if required, and bags can then be craned off the lorry.   "Click here for a larger picture"
  "Click here for a larger picture"   Purbeck looks lovely in ponds & waterfalls, but if you are stocking with fish like Carp that don't tolerate lime very well, it is wise to rinse the stones off with water first to remove dust, and monitor the lime content (ph) of the water for a while before introducing the fish.

Crazy paving can be used to edge ponds and create waterfalls.